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What is a ghostwriter and when should you hire one?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes material that is officially credited to someone else. A skilled ghostwriter can capture the individual tone and ‘voice’ (the unique style, attitude, and character) identifiable to the author. You should hire a ghostwriter if…

  • Publishing a book will benefit your brand or business
  • You want to write a book but lack the time or experience
  • You’ve “been working on a book for a few years now” and want to get it finished
  • You want to publish a memoir or biography for family history purposes

Most of of us don’t have the time to research and write several hundred pages of a manuscript, to say nothing of the ability to captivate readers with a well-written, well-paced story. A ghostwriter acts as both liaison and scribe to the creative side of your brain. They have the education, experience, and skill to make your story both marketable and enjoyable.


A lot of work goes into writing a book. My upfront cost is based on several factors: the current market, my level of experience with the subject matter, the length of the finished project, and the potential sales of your book. The higher the potential book sales, the higher the upfront cost. For example, the ghostwriter for a small business owner might charge an average amount, while the ghostwriter for a president or world leader would charge much more.

*Fair pricing is determined by the Editorial Freelancers Association ( and the current edition of Writer’s Market. I also take into account each, individual project and writing needs. I write the material, but you are credited as the author. Contact for more details.


Arielle provided insightful editorial feedback on my latest book, Harbor for the Nightingale. This novel is a complex alternate history, but her touch made it shine. Her running commentary was priceless. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. And you can bet I will be asking her to beta-read my next book!

Kathleen Baldwin, award-winning bestselling author of the Stranje House series

The narrative flows so well together. Having seen both sides (what I said and what Arielle has written), I am so impressed with her writing, and I have so much respect for her as a person.

Jitu Patel, author of What We Give: A Memoir 

(International Adviser, Emeritus Professional Member of the ASSP since 1982)

Working with Arielle is always a good experience. She’s got the hard skills of being a punctual, sharp-eyed editor and ‘go the distance’ writer, but also the much needed and appreciated soft skills of knowing how to ask questions that get you thinking about how your work can be better, and of course putting in just-right compliments and encouragements that can keep you going during the often hard slog that is editing. Having someone so professional and also pleasant to work with is a treat, and my projects are always better off when she’s involved.

Whitney Gibbons, author and illustrator

Arielle was such an amazing guest speaker for my creative writing classes. When I initially reached out to her, it was to show the students that there actually are jobs out there in the arts. Not only did she deliver on the publisher front, but she showed the kids that art can be a very viable career option for the students if they wish. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more wonderful guest speaker. The students loved her!!!

Brigham Magnusson, English instructor at Mountain View High School