Your voice deserves to be read.

RomanSnail LLC is a publishing and entertainment company dedicated to giving artists fair representation and royalties. Our current services include ghostwriting, audiobooks, voice overs, story-coaching, and self-publishing consultations.

Our ultimate goal is to provide each of our artists with a personalized marketing plan independent of tech monopolies and to produce high-quality literature, art, and entertainment.

RomanSnail is part of The VivaTec Project, a collaboration to build profit-share businesses and pursue dreams so that “as we live better, we give better.”


RomanSnail partners with local schools to offer student internships. High school students (ages 15+) will be selected based on a preliminary application, interview, and an interest in the overall publishing and writing industry. Our goal is to demonstrate every aspect of the publishing process with hands-on experience. During our weeks together, we will produce and publish a full book by selecting the material, marketing, collaborating with artists and choosing a cover design, editing as a group and learning how to comment and critique, typesetting, graphic design, formatting, etc.

If you are interested in applying as an intern or to nominate your school for this program, please contact us at

The VivaTec Project

Live better. Give better.

The Vivatec Project is a collaboration to build profit-share businesses and pursue dreams so that as we live better, we give better.

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