As small as 154 centimeters in length with natural-blonde hair, the Rel Carroll is primarily characterized by her love of entrepreneurship, the jazz age, and free expression in art. This peculiar creature is also known for her distinctive singing voice which can be heard anytime day or night; although, she is primarily nocturnal. In addition to American Sign Language, the Rel is fluent in ‘British’ with a working knowledge of Spanish and Lang Belta. She has a preferred diet of dark chocolate and hella-spicy vegetarian cuisine but with only one known in existence, soggy cereal and the color pink remain key threats to this rare species. The Rel is generally tame but not domesticated, so it is dangerous to keep the Rel in an enclosed area without a novel, knitted socks, and Canine or Suid companion. Frequently migratory, her natural habitat includes enchanted forests, seaside cottages, crowded bookstores, or the middle of a dance floor. The Rel is mated for life with a similarly unique mammal, the Nat (otherwise known as Redbeard, the airship pirate.)